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Books in a Series:

Mistress of the Wines: Morceaux Wines Book 1

Benoit is the owner of Morceaux Wines, one night he is bought to a brothel where he meets Corine, one of the working girls who has to help him overcome his inhibitions. Determined to make her both his wife and his Mistress of the Wines Benoit comes up against family issues, hatred and even death as people will stop at nothing to force him out of business.

Dark Family Secrets: Morceaux Wines Book 2

A secret document to change the war in World War 2 signed in secret between Germany and Russia may have been signed in a wine chateau in France, but why are Russia so determined to get their hands on it and what do some of those involved in the arrangements for the signing know? Eventually all will be revealed along with a number of Dark Family Secrets.

Deck The Coffin with Poison Ivy: A Garden Centre Mystery (Garden Centre Mysteries Book 1)

Dumped at the altar Mistletoe runs away from home to a small village in Wales where she meets Mike. Having bought a Garden Centre life seems fine, although Mike consistently has two women in his life. Eventually his past catches up with him and it leads to death. Can Mike and the two women work together to find out who is carrying out the killings and why?

The Ancient Herb of Death: A Garden Centre Mystery (Garden Centre Mysteries Book 2)

Mike, Michaela and Mistletoe are back in the second garden centre mystery. When a set of seeds and a key are left in the middle of the garden centre at night they try to discover what the connection is to them. Little do they know that they may indicate plans to take over the world through seeds. Is Mike loyal or are his loyalties divided?

Never Look Back: A Garden Centre Mystery (Garden Centre Mysteries Book 3)

Mike, Michaela & Mistletoe return in the newest garden centre mystery. Following on from the shocking events of Book 2 where Mike was captured and taken away we join the characters where Mistletoe is trying to work out if her husband and the man she loves is a Terrorist while finding herself on the verge of insanity. As time moves on we discover the truth about who raped Michaela and the real story of Admiral Danvers and his relationship with Mistletoe’s mother.

The Murderous Meat Pudding: A Honor Maye Mystery

Londoner Honor Maye has been a widow for many years when she decides to move to the Countryside with her faithful pug, Percy. Moving to Farworth in Dorset Honor finds her presence is not well received and her friendship with one of the villagers John even less well liked, but why would the friendship lead to murder?

The Hallowed Bells of Death: A Honor Maye Mystery Kindle Edition

Honor Maye is back again and this time the village is preparing for Bonfire Night with a special party and event, but where Honor goes death is usually quick to follow.

What happens when the Second Pioneers are drafted in to help commemorate the foiling of the gunpowder plot and why is someone so determined to seek vengeance? Plus, will Honor find love and does Percy approve?

The Haunted Honeymoon: A Honor Maye Mystery

Honor, John and Percy are back. Honor and John are to be married and there is much to cause panic and problems for them both, not to say much of Percy the Pug, but in the lead up to the wedding someone kidnaps Percy and holds him to ransom. Who could it be and why would they want to kidnap him?

The Return of the Old Sea Dog: A Honor Maye Mystery

Honor and the Farworth gang are back and this time a stranger arrives in the Village. One of the villagers is sure they know him, but how many of us think we know someone when we don’t? John has to face some hard facts about his past, while there is chaos within the Parish Council which ends up in turmoil. All the while Percy the pug faces the biggest threat he has, yet a star is born.

Knit One, Purl One, Murder: A Newberry Knitters Mystery

The Newberry Knitters love their knit and natter group in the local Church hall, but everything changes when one of their number finds their numbers come up and they win the Lottery. To celebrate they book a cruise to visit the largest wool shop in the world, but that’s only the start of their problems as they end up faced with murder, drugs and intrigue.

Stand Alone Novels:

The Liar’s Revenge

Three historians are called to assist with the search for a chalice and the possibility of a race of people with no DNA. What unfolds is a quest of double crossing, death and lies in the search for one of the world’s most valuable treasures as historians and governments fight to find it.

But who is lying and what form of revenge will they take as they stop at nothing to prevent crimes taking place?

How Do You Mend a Broken Doll?

Amy is happily married to Ricky until he is tragically killed in an accident and his body is found in a pool, however as she delves deeper into the death of the man she loves she discovers there is much more to him than ever met the eye. A twisting and turning thriller that sees Amy thrown into the middle of an international espionage ring who will stop at nothing to obtain the secret that she holds and causes her to question who to trust and who to avoid. A broken individual, Amy is the doll who needs mending desperately and it’s up to a number of people to try and repair.

The Constellation Diamond Mystery

The day started normally for Gisa in her antiques shop in Germany, until she left the door unlocked at lunchtime and Addler, a young thief broke in with the intention of stealing a priceless piece of jewellery. Little did they both know that hell would be unleashed in so many different ways including the attentions of a vicious far right group, drug mules, arms dealers, ex-lovers with ulterior motives and a group of monks, all of whom want the diamond for their own reasons as the body count increases and the various factions all seem to want to double cross the others, but who will ultimately prove to be the one with the most to gain from everything?

Filled with twists and turns from start to finish The Constellation Diamond Mystery will have you on the edge of your seat from the first moment.

Speakeasy Days

Marylee is a young girl just starting school. Her father is in prison for his role in the Speakeasies of America meaning her fellow children won’t accept her – except one – a young boy called Moyshe. Their friendship blossoms, until Moyshe disappears – or does he?

The Dark Side of Innocence

A young man is on a cycling holiday. He meets a young girl when he almost knocks her over. Liesel is no ordinary girl. She has many secrets unknown to both her and Gunter. As their life together unfolds, terror sets in.

Allies of Circumstance

Amelia Gresham is 18 years old. Happy, in love, and looking forward to life with the man she will marry when she is 21 years old. Neither Amelia, Harry Beaumont or Amelia’s parents can forsee World War 1 and the way the world will change their lives forever.

Harry and Amelia’s Father go to fight for King and Country and Amelia and her Mother stay at home.

Murder at Dovecote Cottage

Christmas at Dovecote Cottage and the local Church need to raise funds. The Vicar’s wife decides to write a fundraising cookery book but when The Vicar goes to post the letters he dies suddenly. Is it a tragedy, or is there foul play afoot?

Peacetime Promises

Two young lovers meet in a café while they are Christmas shopping. As their love grows during the 1930’s and Hitler rises to power he is conscripted into the German army and forced to serve. What happens after the war ensures the peacetime promises that they made to each other can never be fulfilled.

Sisters of Sin

Monique and Elizabeth are adopted sisters. Both have lost their parents through gruesome murders. Successful business owners, they encounter violence, friendship and love from sources they least expect. Monique has to deal with a life that no-one of her age should and this is her story. 18+