Jack Yeomanson, is both my son and my Editor. A lot of people have asked me is he a ‘proper’ Editor or does he just read through your books looking for mistakes.

In answer to that question, Jack is a fully qualified Editor. He left school at eighteen years old and trained as an Editor in the first job he ever had! It works perfectly for both of us. We share the respect of Editor and Author. We fall out. He picks up all my mistakes. Tells me when something doesn’t work in his opinion, asks me whether or not I think I should change something, and respects my opinion when I tell him that I don’t want it changed. Jack still lives at home with us, so it’s very handy when I’ve got my Editor on hand seven days a week.

Jack’s also a London Tour Guide with his own business.(www.rowdenyeomansonwalks,net). He takes people on Guided Walking Tours around London all year round so in return for him being my Editor for Free, I run his business for him.