Hi everyone,

Well I’m pleased to say I’m back again and hopefully I’m back for good. My health issues are sorted and the good news is that I’m cancer free. It’s been more than a difficult time but my Editor, who is also my son has been my absolute rock and I couldn’t thank him enough. That’s what really took it’s toll along with this Virus problem which, let’s be honest took it’s toll on everyone’s lives.

The latest Honor Maye book is finished! It’s with my Editor as we speak and now I can move on to my my next book. So here’s a small tease. Honor, John and Percy are quite happily getting on with their lives. A visit from an old school friend of Honor’s, a visit from Regina’s parents who live in India, and a Priest who begins to question his Faith suddenly bring a change to the village. Or is it change or disruption?

I’m going to be writing some stand alone novels this year. I notice I haven’t written many to be honest and I don’t want to be known only as an Author who writes series. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. There are a lot of Author’s who write some fabulous series that go into twenty or twenty one books. My beloved M.C. Beaton for one, or Marion Beaton as she was sometimes known. I used to follow Agatha Raisin. Agatha as she intended her to be. Not the Agatha Raisin that you see on tv.. M.C. Beaton is the only Author who’s death I have actually cried over. No I didn’t cry. I sobbed. If there is one thing I will remember about MY Agatha Raisin as she was supposed to be it’s that she was a heavy smoker, loved a drink and her favour phrase when she was annoyed was Snakes and Bastards !



Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a while. I’ve been dealing with some health issues which has taken up my time but I hope they will be sorted soon, and that’s taken a toll on my writing, but a New Year soon and a new start. The next in the Honor Maye series is due out soon, and without fail I will have two stand alone novels out.

Live though has gone on in other ways for my Editor and I. As you know my Editor is my son. We’ve become racehorse owners. During this pandemic Race Meetings have been closed to the public, but Horse Racing has still been going on, so we’ve been able to watch our horses on t.v. Then the rules changed and small groups of owners could go and watch their horses by invitation only. My son did get an invitation, so went along with a few other owners and was able to watch one of our horses. Also there was Sheik Mohammed who owns the Godolphin Stables so he was in good company for the afternoon!.

Like everyone I’m hopeful of a vaccine being out soon. What I’m fed up with is hearing one thing one minute from the Government and then something different another minute.

I was asked an interesting question a couple of days ago. Do I base my characters in my books on real people. I’d never really thought about it. Then I thought, yes, I do. I never use ‘real’ names of people in my life past of present, but in my mine I imagine the character e.g. my Auntie when I use a phrase or I research the Lady of a Court of a certain time in History to make sure my facts are right, but that’s as far as I would go.

Anyway, that’s it for now and I won’t be missing in action for so long next time

Take care.



I’ve always found this a topic that normally ends up in a fight whether or not it’s face to face with people or on line. Do you prefer a series of books where you have stand alone endings to each one or cliff hanging endings? One of my series set in a Garden Centre in Wales has Cliff Hanger endings which some of my readers love, but I have found that I have to write each one quickly so I don’t keep readers waiting to long. I read a book recently that gave me a cliff hanger ending and I found that I was complaining that I felt as though I’d been blackmailed into buying the second one to find out what happened. I’d never realised that I’d done exactly the same thing.

My cozy novels, although they’re all about the same characters, in the same places are all stand alone and I’m going to make all my books stand alone in future.

As I said it’s one of those things that I find end up with different people like diffrent things !



Well firstly I apologise for what seems to be a long absence. Well at least it does to me. So where have I been. I’m not sure to be honest. Somewhere in my head between being depressed like the rest of us. Telling myself to pull myself together, which I do, for all of one day and then finding that I’m not pulling myself together at all. I’ve tried to shore up other Authors who are also my friends, who have been having a worse time that I’ll ever have and I wish them well and send them all my love.

I have started to write again though. The next Honor Maye book is on the way I’m please to say and should be here soon. Literally. Not just a pipe dream this time.



A few months ago I joined Twitter. I’d been with Facebook for a long time, but thought I’d join Twitter and I came across a group called the Twitter Writing Community I was already an established writer with seventeen books published. I hadn’t been with this community long before a discovered a group of the greatest, hardest working dedicated people with one thing in common. A dream to become an Author. I’d always dreamed of being an Author. I wrote a book called The Dark Side of Innocence. That was it. A book and didn’t have a clue where to turn or what to do. Then I met a man called Dennis Michaels. Dennis died not long ago but he’s the reason I’m an Author now. You can almost feel the passion coming from this group. Yes sometimes people are nasty to them, and about them. They have down days when they feel like giving up, but they don’t. They let us all know how many WIP’s they’ve done in a day and we have Writers Lifts where they all support each other, and they include me as well.

My hope is that every one of these people achieve their dream because every one of them deserve it for their sheer courage to never give up, and that the Twitter Writing Community grows and goes from strength to strength.



I’ve got a couple of new books on the way. Well more than a couple actually. My historic novel is coming along nicely, and I’ve been writing an espionage. I never thought I’d enjoy writing anything historical, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m loving it. I’m learning a lot from the research I’m doing and I find that somehow the story seems to write itself. Stupid thing to say yes? Stories don’t write themselves? I find for me, they do if you listen to your I Ipod. One particular song I must have listened to time after time after time because the words of that song leads me to the way I want that book to go. I suppose at the end of the day every Author has their own little ways. Listening to one song over and over is my own funny little way.

All I would say to any Author, if you’ve got a funny little way, stick with it. Maybe just keep it to yourself though (winks)



A Basketful of Death has now been published and is available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. The first in another series of Cozy Novels. A Basketful of Death is set is a small village in Eire. Bridie Harris makes willow baskets for a living. Her Grandmother Imelda taught her when she was a child. Padraig Glanchy makes cheese at his farm near by. They both gave each other their promise when they were young that one day they would be married, but one day a man is found dead on Porec’s farm. He is arrested but is he guilty. It seems he might well be, until an unexpected Detective arrives to help proves his innocence.



Well they make me feel better anyway lol

1.Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he shows to anybody. – Mark Twain.

2.Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once

Stephen King.

3. Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush stumble and fall.

William Shakespeare

4.I never lose. I either win or learn.

Nelson Mandella.

5.To avoid criticism, say notiing, be nothing, do nothing


And from me. Life is for living. Live it well. Live it wisely. It was given to us to enjoy. Never let anyone take it away from you or destroy you. You are worth so much better.


A Writer’s Musing’s During Lockdown

Apart from going nearly insane because I was high risk during lock down. not knowing what a night’s sleep was, and losing my writing mojo like most of my Author friend’s, I’ve been able to look back at what I actually did and was surprised at what I actually got up to. I heard about a scheme called Lily at Future Learn. They specialise in Free Courses for people over 60. I found out able them through U3A. Me? I thought. I’m nowhere near sixty. Then I thought in your dreams Carol. Stop thinking your still twenty nine and listen to your body. You can’t get up off the floor without the help of a crane! So I went and had a look and the list of things you can do was endless. I picked the ones nearest to my interests and chose two. Shakespeares Life, and Work and the Globe Theatre and the Life and Works of Sir Walter Scott. A couple of months later, here I am with Qualifications on the walls from the University of Aberdeen and the City University, London. Next I painted my first ever Landscape with my son. I’ve learned tapestry, new crochet techniques, made all the new recipes that I’ve mean’t to do, mapped out new ideas for books, and all in all I sound like a Saint.

Except I’m not. I’m still not sleeping. I’m still depressed and I’m still praying that at some time I’ll get a holiday. So far I’ve had two cruises cancelled. Masks are mandatory, but I suffer from a violent form of claustrophobia which means I panic the moment my mouth and nose are covered. However, I’ve been given an exemption card.

Yet, there are people out there who call be a murderer because I can’t – not won’t wear a mask.

So that’s my musing on Lockdown. All I hope is that we get a vaccine soon that will help us fight this evil thing. Enough people have lost their lives. No more please!



My new book is finally out and available, world wide on Amazon Kindle.

It’s called A Basketful of Death and is the first of a new series of cozy novels. This one is set is Eire. Bridie Harris makes handmade Willow Baskets in the Irish countryside. Padraig Glanchy makes cheese at his farm. One morning Mr. Sarghas is found dead on Padraig’s farm. Padraig is subsequently arrested and charged with his murder. The villagers are convinced he is innocent and set out to prove it, but is he?

Then a new Detective turns up from out of nowhere to help with the case. The question is will they be able to prove Padraig’s innocence.