Horse Racing, Crafting, and the Future

Well, I’m pleased to say, that I’m back. After far too long and a very nasty health scare that I’ve had trouble coping with, I’m back and I’m really pleased.

I’m still an Author. That will never change. I’ve got books in the pipe like almost ready to go. All I need to do is finish them and pass them to my lovely Editor. I’ve had one new book out which is called The Liar’s Revenge which you can find on Amazon Kindle and will be on Kobo very shortly.

The other thing you probably didn’t know about me is that I own several Race Horses and I do love horse racing. This is a love I share with my son. We’re successful – although in saying that not all our horses win by any means. Sadly some have been put down, some have had operations due to bad health and have not raced for a season and some are real characters. Let me introduce you to Judicial. Now this is one character if ever there was. Judicial loves peppermints although most racehorses love crunching on peppermints because they keep their teeth sharp. So on the way to the Parade ring, and down to the starting stalls he likes to have a chomp on a few peppermints, and he’s not a horse who rushes. He likes to take his time. Have a look around, see people. Get’s there when he gets there, but when that starters gun goes, he’s off like lightening.

Then there’s Viola. That’s my girl. Viola was doing really badly. So bad that at one point she was going to be retired. One race with a 16 year old apprentice jockey who had never raced before. Viola never stood a chance. He gave her a couple of slaps, and out of the way. She was gone like a rocket. He brought her in first. No one, but no one could believe it. Viola is now Miss Viola!

So on to my crafting. Hobby? No it’s my obsession. I admit it. I’ve just opened a shop on Etsy called Violets and Lace Crafts and I’m setting up another on or Put it in your search bar anyway and take a look. It’s a fantastic place. You can find all sorts of things there, plus you can find out about fairs and sales in your area. So I’m doing knitting, crochet, jewellery making. In fact I’m working my way through all the craft kits that people have bought me over the last couple of years that I’ve never got around to using. I sew a lot too. Forgot that one. I quilt as well. I know I sound one bore, but in all fairness I’m far to old for jumping out of planes and climbing Everest, so I’ll just stick with the things I’m happy with.

By carolanneyeomanson

I am an Indie Author. My books are published on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. I am a Moderator of a School for Students in Pakistan, and am also a successful Racehorse owner living in the United Kingdon.

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