The third and last in the trilogy of Mistress of the Wines is now finished and I’m about the pass it to my Editor. It’s taken me a very long time to write this book. I’m sorry for that, but the main reason was, how did I end it? It’s been controversial from the very start. Not when it came down to reviews, but believe me I got some very nasty messages about the story line I had chosen for this book, but I always make it clear in all of my books that they are a work of fiction. I never go out there to hurt or offend anyone.

Benoit was a young man with sexual problems, and went to a Brothel where he met a young Prostitute Corine who was asked by the Madam to help him. He was a ‘hopeless case’, but somehow this young girl made a man of him as the saying goes and love conquered all.

Now I’m not going to spoil the whole thing for you because I would love you, as an Author to read the books. After all, what Author doesn’t want you to read their books.

This was an unusual story as it follows the Dynasty of the Family as well as the love story of the two young people. The challenges they faced, and not just because that Corine came with her own past. I brought in other characters that gave me other storylines that didn’t particularly involve Cornine, and then because I felt I needed to bring in a particular storyline – hell almost rained down on me.

I don’t usually give away storylines of my books but at one time Corine has to have an abortion. Not by choice. So I dealt with it, I thought very gently and with great respect. Until I started getting Messages. Not reviews which you would expect. Messages. In fact one was a threat which came with a picture of an unborn child saying You Know Nothing.

That was very true. I have a beautiful 36 year old son, who is my Editor. I know nothing? I do know that when he was three weeks old I suffered a small stroke down my left side completely out of the blue caused by a blood clot in my lung and was rushed to hospital and when I came home I couldn’t do anything for him except look at him and still take blood thinning drugs to this day.

Anyway I was determined to give the final book the ending it deserved and it ended up with an ending I wasn’t expecting. When I was a very new Author I couldn’t make up my mind which way I wanted my book to go and I had a Mentor. A wonderful American man called Denis Michaels. When I told him he said, Well it’s obvious. Ask your characters.

Pardon? When your’e on your own, sitting in front of your lap top or in bed at night, ask your Character which way they want you to go.

“OK fine” I sort of went if you know what I mean.

So I did and stupid as this sounds they did tell me. Always.

So I had my ending to Mistress of the Wines and I was able to type the two words I love.


And now it’s onwards and upwards to my next book.

Wish me luck when I talk to my next character. Hopefully they’ll give me some good advice!

By carolanneyeomanson

I am an Indie Author. My books are published on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. I am a Moderator of a School for Students in Pakistan, and am also a successful Racehorse owner living in the United Kingdon.

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