My Editor has always had one dream. The see the cyclists in the Tour De France ride into Paris. One reason is that he loves watching the Tour De France and the other is because he loves Paris, so this is the time for him to live his dream. So you would think it would be easy wouldn’t you?

Well, think again. He booked his hotel, which was amazing to say the least. None of your bed and breakfast type places. View over the Eiffel Tower, but then he works hard, he’s my Editor and people tend to think that because he’s my son, he does it for nothing. Well, sorry, he doesn’t. He might well be my son by I pay him for Editing every one of my books. He booked his train. The 11.40am out of St. Pancras Station in London. A single table, complete with a meal and wine. Packed his case, had all the relevant papers, proof of vaccination and you would that was it? Well most people would think that wouldn’t they??

Bad mistake. That’s when it all crashed down on his head. He arrived at the station to complete and utter chaos. Well no. It was worse than chaos if there is such a thing. People were so crowded in, he contacted us and said they couldn’t even breath. It was worse than cattle being coralled together. (Excuse my spelling). Oh I digress. Late last night he received an e mail from the Rail Company saying that there had been a change of plan as far as the Rail Service were concerned. He wouldn’t be going on the same kind of train. Instead of a single table, he would be sharing a table of four – in other words close proximity with three strangers – no food.

Back to this station this morning. He was taken ill because of being in so many crowds and couldn’t breath. He found a member of staff at the station and explained that he was feeling ill and asked if she could help him and apparantly was refused in no uncertain terms. In other words almost laughed out. The crowd I gather were starting to push from being coralled. A bit later I received a Whats App saying I’ve found a seat.

I’m in the Gent’s Toilet. Put the seat down and am sitting on the toilet with the door locked but at least I’ve found a seat and can breath a bit. Now, I know I shouldn’t but part of me wanted to say Good for you and punch the air.

A while later I get another What’s App. I’m on the train Mum and on my way to Paris.

How are you getting on with the other people?

No, I’m on the train I was mean’t to be on. Here’s my lunch -look.

So you were on this train complete with wine, food and by yourself with luxury, then it was cancelled and you were having to sit with four people with nothing to eat, and now your back to a train with only yourself and food and wine???

Ehhhh – yes Mum……..just don’t worry about it. At least I’m going to make it to Paris.

And this is our brilliant Rail Service who want to come out on strike for more money ?????

By carolanneyeomanson

I am an Indie Author. My books are published on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. I am a Moderator of a School for Students in Pakistan, and am also a successful Racehorse owner living in the United Kingdon.

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