This is the blog that is really unpleasant for me to write, but for once I’m so furious I find it necessary. Yesterday I hosted a lunch to celebrate my 70th birthday for my son and our friend. My son and I are members of the Guild of Freemen and the Worshipful Company of Educators. My son has Livery Status and I don’t. The Butchers Hall is well know for being an Amazing Carvery dinner where they carve beef straight from the joint. We haven been before and it has always been incredible.

This meal for the three of us cost me £200 which I could afford and was happy to pay. We were seated, and were one of the last three tables to be called for food. The meal started with pea and mint soup, which was cold when we finally got it. Then we were called to get out main course. The first thing we noticed – there was no joint of meat! What there was was the ‘scrag’ ends of the last joint. So we said excuse us where is the joint please? Is it coming? We’re sorry they said. This is all the meat that’s left. Pardon? Little bits of scrag end. Six people waiting. We can only have a couple of bits each because that’s all you have left? So we call the Manager? He couldn’t have cared less. We move to the vegetables. They’re are any. Only a few carrots, parsnips and peas. Potatoes. You can only have two each. They’re all gone. Yorkshire puddings? Only one each. Sorry, they’re all gone. Plus the vegetables we ‘were allowed’ were stone cold. So we move onto the pudding course. A coffee pudding or cheese and biscuits. I choose cheese. Oh they say – you can only have three pieces. No grapes or nots. Where are the biscuits please I ask? No biscuits they snap. So I have three small pieces of cheese, no crackers, and I eat with my fingers. Next we go back to our table. They have removed our coffee cups. Why? We ask? We are closing now. So I’ve had enough my now and promptly tell the Manager to get us some tea and coffee or I am going to become very difficult. Oh well, he says just one of those things. The Master of the Guild had a large party in with him and we gave them priority of the food and it just ran out which is why the six of you didn’t get any.

So I’m not going to get a refund. The meal I had hosted for my guests was a total disaster and I can like it or lump it. However, we did get something to eat in the end. We went to a pub around the corner. We had a bowl of chips, a bowl of scampi fingers, and a Yorkshire pudding with gravy for £20.

By carolanneyeomanson

I am an Indie Author. My books are published on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. I am a Moderator of a School for Students in Pakistan, and am also a successful Racehorse owner living in the United Kingdon.

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