I know that we all think our worlds revolve around reviews and I’ve seen Authors literally beg for reviews, but I’ve never been sure and I’ve always felt that a review is only one persons opinion. One person might not like our book and one hundred might love it. I’ve seen an Author almost broken hearted because of a bad review. I was once told by a well known Author that some Authors pay people to buy a book, and then leave a bad review on purpose whether they’ve read the book of not. For me, I write books that I hope my readers enjoy, but I’d like to think that they would leave me an honest review. I once had a terrible experience with a so called reviewer. The review was the same about every book I had written. It said. This Author really needs to get a brain. Then carried on with I recently found out that they are a Scammer operating from Nigeria. Please don’t buy their books. It took a long time, and a lot of pressure from my Editor and support from other Authors to convince Amazon that he was the Scammer not me.

By carolanneyeomanson

I am an Indie Author. My books are published on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. I am a Moderator of a School for Students in Pakistan, and am also a successful Racehorse owner living in the United Kingdon.

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